Opinion: For Westerners, our fate is in Nintendo’s hands with the next Fire Emblem

During my daily perusal across the video game interwebs last night I came across a post from Nintendo Life reporting on something quite interesting concerning the localisation of the next Fire Emblem title and that is that it will not be localized by 8-4. Now if you’re not aware, 8-4 Ltd is a Japanese video game localisation company that works on Japanese to English and English to Japanese translations and localisations which has localised not only Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and possibly the greatest Fire Emblem title ever made Fire Emblem: Awakening but have also worked on titles such Nier: Automata, Monster Hunter: World and Rogue Galaxy apart from a number of other major series and titles.

Now what does that have to do with Nintendo and Intelligent Systems’ next title? Well, put simply is that localisation is quite honestly a major step in bringing games to the West in ways that make it enjoyable for most of us that cannot speak other languages or understand tropes and jokes originally created for other languages. A joke or line of speech in one language might be found rude, obnoxious and even resentful in another at the best of times. Put simply is that more times than not, especially in JRPGs, localisation not only complements but also boosts a title’s enjoyment to Western players and also grants players a much smoother flowing storyline. And in a story-driven title such as Fire Emblem, this could affect this outcome.

However the success of Fire Emblem Three Houses does not solely depend on a localisation company such as 8-4 but with the backlash that was seen from quite a number of fans with “three” separate games that is Fire Emblem Fates the question is, could our faith be the same with Fire Emblem Three Houses since Nintendo themselves are working on the localisation just as they did with Fire Emblem Fates? Admittedly being a fan of the series I will still dive fully into the game and did enjoy Fates (as a whole with all three titles combined) but would love to hear or rather read your opinions on this instance of localisation and if it affects your decision in any way on purchasing and playing Fire Emblem Three Houses next year?

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out below the announcement trailer aired at Nintendo’s E3 2018 showcase two weeks ago.

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