PUBG Corp has officially dropped its lawsuit against Fortnite creators, Epic Games

Both PUBG and Fortnite have become such big games in their own right that it nearly feels like some sort of classic console battle taking place between the two. On once side of the fence you have PUBG fans praising everything about it and on the other side there’s the Fortnite players building a wall between them and their arch enemy – anyone who thinks PUBG is a better game. Meanwhile, in the real world, we recently had PUBG sue Fortnite.

News just in via a Bloomberg report is that the lawsuit has been dropped and no one knows why.

PUBG Corp. sent a letter of withdrawal to Epic Games Inc.’s attorneys on Monday and the South Korean case has since closed, according to the website of the local court system. PUBG and its law firm confirmed the action but wouldn’t say why, nor whether a settlement had been reached. Representatives for Epic in Korea had no immediate comment.

Our take – PUBG noticed the upcoming lawsuits in line (CoD and Battlefield) and decided to go on holiday instead. In all seriousness, it could be that something was settled behind the scenes or that they simply realised that there was no point in wasting money fighting this. Either way, gamers (on both sides) will continue enjoying their bit of addiction on a daily basis.

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