UK Teacher brings LABO to the classroom

For those of you that have bought or at least tried LABO, the potential for it as a teaching tool has always been obvious. However, I suspect because no real testing had been done on exactly how this would be done, Nintendo has never directly marketed it as such.

Now we have our first real-world example of LABO being used in the classroom setting. Brought to our attention by Nintendo Life and as originally found on, a Year 6 teacher in Crawley, England named Chris McGivern (Year 6 includes 10-to-11-year-olds) has begun using the Nintendo Switch cardboard accessories as part of his lessons.

The article goes on to describe how the children were tasked with building the original RC Car Toy-Con and modify it so it could carry a biscuit from one point to another. McGivern explained that using LABO creatively like this integrates several parts of the curriculum including design, science and mathematics.

This seems like a great use of LABO and fantastic way of introducing kids to the world of computer science – while stimulating their creativity and reasoning skills. Of course, in South Africa, the limitation will always be price and the necessary buy-in from parents, education departments and the like, but if this example is anything to go by this learning process could be really empowering and fun for students.

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