Video: Five minutes of Earthfall gameplay

The four-player co-op alien shooter Earthfall from Holospark got a five-minute gameplay video on the Xbox One X showing us what the game currently looks like.

Earthfall encompasses everything you’ve encountered in games like Left 4 Dead, where you survive hordes of enemies ranging from minor infantry type aliens to larger and more creative enemies that require a few more rounds of lead to take down. This time though you’re able to build a fortress to stave off the enemy. Aliens invaded the Pacific Northwest and it’s your job to form a team of alien slaying badasses on a search for clues in order to stop the aliens and uncover the mystery.

You’ll have various weapons at your disposal and in the video you’ll catch a glimpse of the fortification elements. You’ll also notice that teamwork is a big part of the game with each character filling some sort of supporting role to ensure the team’s survival for 10 missions shared over two campaigns.

Earthfall will have aliens terrorise the human race on 13 July 2018 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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