Xbox Store reveals the release date for Shenmue 1 & 2 HD Remaster

The first two Shenmue games originally released on the SEGA Dreamcast and at the time it was an open-world like we had never seen before. GTA was still top-down and Shenmue was the future of what a game could be. Unfortunately, the series died alongside the Dreamcast, but since the reveal of the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter at the 2015 PlayStation E3 conference, we have seen a lot of love and support creep out of the woodwork for the Shenmue series.

To get fans prepped for the third game in the series we are receiving HD remasters of the first two games in one package. Thanks to the Xbox Store, and Major Nelson promoting it on his blog, we now know that the game will be launching on 20 August and that it’ll set you back roughly R420 ($30).

This basically means that if you’ve been dying to get back to Ryo’s story that you’ll be able to do so in just under two months.

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