Vampyr’s PC patch improves the game’s combat

Vampyr developer Dontnot Entertainment has released the first major patch for the PC version and a lot of attention has been put on combat and squashing bugs. (You can read our聽review of the game here.)

Players will now be able to switch between targets with the mouse wheel, which should help you target the biggest threat at any given point in a fight.聽 The patch will also make sure that you see the Recovery Icon when someone is healing as it wasn’t always displaying correctly.

The bug fixes focused on making spoiler characters spawn correctly, stop players from escaping the map in Southwark and get rid of any green flickering players had. It also fixes a few bugs where dialogue options weren’t unlocking properly, or where quests didn’t progress if you were in the middle of a medical check-up.

There are also steps if you suffered from the Low Level Fatal Crash error. The full patch notes can be seen here.

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