Moonlighter’s 2018 roadmap includes companions, more recipes and new game plus

Moonlighter took the idea of how towns would form around a location with danger, fame and riches await and what the townsfolk would be like. Sure dungeons are dangerous, but the items inside are useful to so many professions. Enter Will, the guy who runs a store in the day, then goes into the dungeons at night to solve a mystery and find new items to sell in the store.

Digital Sun has released a roadmap for the rest of 2018 and there are some good inclusions to add more variety to the game. The first update, which is aimed for this month, will be new room patterns, new shop tutorials and enchanted weapons and armour will have new art. The next update will add New Game +, which allows players to take their journey even further.

For those who find the life of the Moonlighter rather lonely, fear not because companions are coming, little critters that will join you on your adventure, complete with their own skills. For those who like meddling with game settings, a Custom Game option will let players fiddle with some game parameters to give yourself a challenge or make things easier. There is also an update focussed on adding new mini-bosses and new item effects, which should make collecting things in dungeons a little more interesting.

The Switch version of the game is still planned for 2018, and there is still a paid DLC in the works. I hope this adds the variety and kick to the later sections of the game, where I found things started getting far too repetitive.

Source: Moonlighter

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