Danger Zone 2 brings back the crash mode from the Burnout series, next week

Whether your love for crash mode in the Burnout series started with Burnout 2, or if it was one of the other sequels (Burnout 3: Takedown, Revenge) that peaked your interest, we are sure you remember those moments fondly. Crashing into oncoming traffic and causing complete chaos as you use bullet time to move your vehicle in harm’s way to cause as much damage as possible has never been as much fun since. Danger Zone 2 is about to bring crash mode back from the grave and it’s looking good.

The guys over at Digital Foundry had a go at Danger Zone 2 and walked away quite impressed. It comes from a studio that calls themselves Three Fields Entertainment, the original founders of Criterion and the Burnout series. They initially released Dangerous Golf and since moved over to working on what the team all loves – high-speed car carnage. The engine used to create Dangerous Golf has basically evolved into the racing game they’re after. Yes, they released that game to help fund their initial goal – to make the next Burnout game we all want so badly. According to Digital Foundry, it reminds them very much of the earlier Burnout games. At this point you’ll only get 60 fps on PC and Xbox One X and, according to them, it looks very much as if actual racing (over and above the crash mode) is on the cards too.

Get your first detailed look at the game, which hopes to bring smiles to the faces of many fans around the world.

Danger Zone 2 arrives this week on 13 July for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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