Warframe is blasting its way onto Switch

A game like Fortnite might be stealing the show if current trends are anything to go by, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only Free-to-Play game that’s been a huge success for its respective creators. There are many other Free-to-Play games that have stood out from all the paid-for games, but there is only one game where ninjas play for free and that is Warframe.

Players on PC, PS4 and Xbox One would by now be well aware just what the game has to offer and soon Switch gamers will be able to get a piece of the action. It’s finally heading to the Switch, though we have no idea just went that might be. What we do know is that Panic Button, the guys who ported Doom and Wolfenstein 2, are the crew working on this port. For a Free-to-Play game Warframe is easily one of the prettier titles on offer, so we can’t think of a better bunch of developers to be handling this port to a console with limited specs. Other than that we do know that it’ll include a co-op mode.

Here is the first reveal trailer.

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