GRIP: Combat Racing goes all ‘Trackmania’ in latest trailer

Ah yes, remember the good times you spent on the PS1 back in the 90s? You might recall a little game named Rollcage that came from the Wipeout development team at the time and had you bopping to the beat of Fatboy Slim? The combat racing was heralded has some of the best back then as the wheels on your car were so big that you could flip the car and drive it while upside-down. Gravity also had no chance of messing with your ride as you could drive on the ceiling or on the walls, it was a great time in racing. GRIP: Combat Racing is reaching out to these glory days, but it seems you won’t just have combat to deal with.

Like Trackmania it will also launch with a mode where you have to deal with tough stunt courses. The latest trailer released last night shows off just what you can expect to tackle and, though it looks a little bland thanks to the minimalist backdrops, we do think there is some fun to be had in what they are dubbing it – Carkour. Yes, I’m cringing a little. In total there will be 19 courses to challenge your reflexes and patience. Either way, this is just one of several modes that will launch on PC, PS4, Switch and  Xbox One at the end of this year. We’re still waiting for the exact date on that.

Interesting little observation – flip the logo over and it’ll still spell GRIP. Whoever designed that logo needs a high-five.

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