The Witness not coming to Switch in the near future

The critically acclaimed puzzler The Witness originally launched on the PS4 and PC. Back then, the game scored a Great 8.8 on SA Gamer. Since then, the game has been ported to Xbox One and even more recently to mobile. The puzzle-nature of the game really lends itself to a touch screen, and so it was inevitable that calls for it to appear on the Switch would come.

However, in a recent interview, creator of The Witness (as well as Braid), Jonathan Blow explained that his team “Thekla” worked on creating The Witness for some 7 years, and then taking the time the already ported versions took, the team was ready for new games.

Talking about a possible Switch port Blow stated:

We’re working on new projects now. We’re not really working on ports of The Witness, but that could change. Something could happen. We could outsource it and quality control in-house. But we’re not currently doing anything.

Blow himself, according to a venture beat article, is creating a new programming language as well as working on at least two new games using that language.

So it seems those of us that have yet not played The Witness should better jump into it on one of the other formats rather than wait for it’s “inevitable” Switch release.

Source: Mynintendonews


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