Code Vein delayed to 2019 to ‘exceed expectations’

Anime souls-like vampire game Code Vein has been on my radar ever since its initial announcement. While the description of it is rather rudimentary, the visual style and strangeness has this delectable draw to it. Morbid curiosity, perhaps. The game was supposed to launch on September 27th this year, but Bandai Namco made the announcement that the game won’t see the daylight until 2019.

The reason, according to a press release, is that they want to “exceed the expectations of fans”. Here’s the full statement:

CODE VEIN has received an enormous amount of positive feedback from eager fans who have received hands-on time with in-development versions of the game over the past nine months. Armed with knowledge of how well the game has already been received, we made the decision to postpone the release of CODE VEIN to further refine its gameplay in an effort to exceed the expectations fans already have of the title. It was a difficult decision to make, but we feel it is the correct one.  

It’s so odd how they delayed the game so close to its promised release date. It has pre-orders for its special edition, people were excitedly waiting for it and everything. I have a sneaking suspicion that the “exceed expectations” bit is a cover-up. They might have seen the releases for the end of the year and got scared that this new IP would be buried under the juggernaut franchises that will receive all the spotlight.

Regardless, I’m still pretty excited about Code Vein and I want to see what they can pull off, especially since they just got a huge extension.

Source: Gematsu

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