Hearthstone brings the bombs and Voltron mech mashups in next expansion

Dr Boom is back in Hearthstone, though (thankfully) not in the way you are thinking. The next expansion for the card game is called The Boomsday Project and it fully embraces the zany experiments that goblins love to perform for science.

Launching on August 7, The Boomsday Project adds 135 cards, including nine Legendary Spells and new keywords to get your deck building brain pushing for new ideas. The Magnetic keyword works best if you have Mech minions. Play a Magnetic minion with a mech and you can combine attack, health and abilities to make a Voltron mashup mech. Time to make that mech so stompy it belongs in a different game.

There are also spell effects called Projects, which benefit both players. So far we have seen the Biology Project which gives both players two mana crystals. Then there are Omega cards that get extra kick when you have 10 mana crystals. The one card shown with the effect is a 2/6 with taunt for 4 mana, which becomes a 12/6 taunt if you have 10 mana crystals. Sounds like big plays and late game power strategies are going to be fun.

Unlike the single-player content of previous expansions, The Boomsday Project will have players solving puzzles in the Puzzle Lab. Can you survive against tough scenarios and unfair odds? Players that beat all 100 puzzles will face off against Dr Boom. The Puzzle Lab launches on August 21.


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