Microsoft announces new Sport White Special Edition controller

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the first controller in their upcoming Sports Series line, the Sport White Special Edition, and it sure is pretty. Supposedly inspired by the “trends in athletics and sports lifestyle” the new controller boasts a white base colour with minty green accents, as well as silver geometric-grid like patterns on the front. It will retail for $69.99 in the US and will also include 14-day trials for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. Worldwide shipping is only due to commence on the 7th of August and there is no word yet on whether the bundle will be available in South Africa.

As this is a wireless controller, charging will be necessary, especially after binging Forza Horizon 3 for several hours, and so Microsoft also announced the Sport White Special Edition Xbox Pro Charging Stand and described it as “a premium charger offering a sleek design and a seamless charging experience.” Made with the same look and feel as the new controller the charging stand will also include a battery cover, rechargeable battery, and power cord.

I must admit that the prices for new controllers are really starting to scare me. However, I suppose one does have to take into account the amount of technology that these devices are carrying these days and when they look this good it does make saving up just that little bit easier.


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