Minecraft’s second phase of going aquatic adds underwater critters and enemies

Minecraft looks very different from when I last played the game, especially when it comes to what happens underwater. Water used to be that stuff you kept handy to make obsidian or diving pools to get down to your mining station quickly, but now I want to go exploring underwater.

Minecraft’s Update Aquatic has been released in two phases, with the first phase adding nine ocean biomes, coral reefs, shipwrecks and underwater treasure chests. Now phase two adds some life and danger to the oceans of your world. Sea turtles can be found on the beach and their eggs can be looked after to hatch baby turtles. In the water dolphins are swimming around and if you feed them raw fish and salmon they will guide you to ocean ruins and shipwrecks.

Any zombie that falls into the water will become the Drowned, undead that trawl the bottom of the ocean with fishing rods and tridents, waiting for their next catch. Yeah I can see how I die.

Phase two of the update is only available for the Bedrock Edition of the game, leaving Java players waiting as the team works on the update. It also means PS4 players are left in the lurch. If you are on Windows 10, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch you can get to taming a dolphin and raising a baby turtle at least.

Source: Eurogamer

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