PS3 price reveal was a ‘horrifying moment’ says Yoshida

It seems the guys in charge of PlayStation have been reminiscing a lot about their path to success since that dreadful E3 press briefing where they revealed the price of the PS3 back in 2006. Recently Shawn Layden called the PS3 an Icarus moment in the history of the PlayStation brand and now Shuhei Yoshida has spoken out on his views as well.

The president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios recently spoke at Develop: Brighton where he took some time out to share his views on the current generation and how it got to this point. The moment that stood out the most was the fact that he too thought that the PS3 price reveal was a “horrifying moment” in their history, but he shared some other interesting thoughts.

  • Yoshida praised the work of Ken Kutaragi: “He’s always at least five years ahead of time… we would wish he was a little closer to our time!”
  • He considers himself lucky for having his first two producer credit on Crash Bandicoot and Gran Turismo.
  • He says that The Matrix DVD was the biggest launch title on PS2.
  • Yoshida talks about The Last Guardian saying it used to run at just 10-15 fps on PS3.
  • He calls the PS3 reveal and launch price a “horrifying moment.”
  • He is happy with the success of SP games citing God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn as brilliant but says that he wishes they had more success on the multiplayer side.
  • He was proud to see ThatGameCompany make Journey for the PS3 and seeing it sweep all the industry awards.
  • He considers remasters/remakes as great but says that they don’t speak much for how games have progressed. “I’d really like to see interactivity become more and more complex… I’m interested in the advancement of AI, to make characters more complex, to improve interactions with players.”

If you’re wondering why we never saw The Last Guardian on the PS3 then I think we now have our answer, but we’re not that sure they should be too bothered about MP games. Fornite is doing just fine on PS4. It’s not like there are no MP games to be played. At the end, it’s good to hear the guys speaking their minds and not sugar-coating it for the company.

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