Rocket League is now available on Xbox Game Pass

The timing could not be better. The FIFA World Cup final is around the corner and Formula 1 is currently more exciting than it’s been in years. Combine those two sports and you’re left with something like Rocket League. It’s become a massive success since it launched three years ago to much praise. The footy racer is available on Game Pass right this very minute and if you’ve merely been thinking about playing it now is the time to test it out if you are a member.

This was announced last night on the fifth episode of Inside Xbox, along with a few other bits of juicy details. The developers confirmed that they’re working on improved Xbox One X support (that’s 4K and HDR) for the game, with a date that will be revealed at a later stage. Switch players will soon play alongside PC and Xbox One player via cross-platform support. Should you download the game you’ll be glad to know that the DLC has also been discounted for those who want more from the game, like the recently released Jurassic World Car Pack that comes with a super cool T-Rex goal explosion and some classic vehicles. Thanks to it being their third anniversary you can also unlock free customisation items right now. Seems like quite the deal.

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