Capcom and Pure Imagination Studios announce Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild

The Monster Hunter franchise has always been a foreign one to many out there. At least that was the case until the release of Monster Hunter: World, which recently hit the 8 million sold mark and with the PC release knocking at our doors, this number is only heading in one direction, UP. So with numbers such as this and fans across the world heavily invested in the series, it’s only natural for it to branch out into other industries such as movie and film.

Capcom and Pure Imagination Studios are currently working on a 3D animated special titled Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild. The animated special will focus on the Monster Hunter game series and is set to premiere globally in 2019. According to the press release, the movie tells the tale of a young man determined to prove himself as a praiseworthy monster hunter. His chance to do this, however, will soon be upon him as he discovers that his village lies in the path of an Elder Dragon “a veritable force of nature made flesh.”

It is obviously an unspoken truth that every video game/movie adaption always ends in disappointment from fans. However, Monster Hunter series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto said: “We think die-hard fans will appreciate our dedication to the source material while those uninitiated to the series will still be treated to an epic adventure in a wholly unique world.” So here’s to hoping that we receive a monster of a production.

Source: Gematsu

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