EA’s stock hits its highest value to date, $45 billion

EA, the company everyone loves to hate, has made some questionable decisions since their rise and dominance in the world of gaming. From killing off beloved game development studios to pushing loot boxes to such a degree that it had the world standing up against their money-making trends, it just never stops for them. That said, after the dust settled, there still stands a company that is now as strong as it’s ever been.

Their stock is now valued at $45 billion. Why? I would love to sound clever and act as if I know how stock works, but there is a guy on Resetera that explains it perfectly, “It’s driven by generally strong financial results of late, along with an analyst upgrade on their unsecured debt rating, though they did also buy a new mobile studio recently.” In short, they’re making a massive amount of money through their franchises. I suspect the sport games, like FIFA 18, play a big role in that milestone for them. Here is a look at their current value:

So, where does this place them among other gaming publishers? They’re right at the top, but they aren’t quite as strong as one particular publisher:

Activision Blizzard: $61.8 billion
Electronic Arts: $45.5 billion
Nintendo: $38.5 billion
Take-Two: $14.5 billion
Ubisoft: $13 billion
Bandai Namco: $8.8 billion
Konami: $6.5 billion
Square Enix: $5.5 billion
Sega Sammy: $3.8 billion
Capcom: $2.5 billion
Koei Tecmo: $1.95 billion

Sony comes in at ($66.2 billion) and Microsoft at ($800.1 billion), but both these companies don’t purely focus on gaming, so those numbers are very skewed. Zenimax/Bethesda, for those interested, is a private company.

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