The Culling 2 is struggling to get more than two people playing it

The Culling, the original one, was one of the few forefathers of the now massively popular battle royale genre. It had all the fundamental elements of the genre; the gas, the crafting and the even playing field. The game didn’t receive much support during its run in its Early Access programme and was held back significantly by very infrequent updates and the developers taking a rather apathetic approach to the game’s longevity. Then, out of absolutely nowhere, they released a sequel. A whole new Culling experience, now with a large map, guns, and all the tasty modern battle royale goodies. How did this go over? Terribly, apparently.

The game is sitting at a single-digit player base, with Steam Spy reporting that there’s only one person playing it and if I was mean, I’d say it’s one of the developers’ moms playing it out of pity. It’s not even enough to get one match going as the game requires 50 players to be present. These numbers are, without even needing to say it, pitiful. But how come? Well, it’s all down to timing and broken promises.

Fans of The Culling are mad that they abandoned their initial project in favour of a heartless cash grab of the modern trend. The game is also very middle of the road with no unique features and all of the charm from the original stripped out in favour of a PUBG-like aesthetic. There was some interest when the game initially launched because it came out of nowhere, but that soon dissipated rapidly. It’s a damn shame because the first Culling had so many great ideas going for it and they could have just refined and supported that in order to have a leg in this great battle royale mess. But no, hubris has claimed another victim.

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