The legendary FF behemoth approaches Astera on 2 August

Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy fans, it’s time to rejoice as the behemoth finally approaches. During E3 2018 the crossover between the two franchises was announced with no more information but a short clip of the Behemoth entering Astera. Yesterday Capcom finally released the date, the 2nd of August. Hunters will be able to hunt this monstrosity with an epic new trailer that shows off just how large the beast is. We also get to see its special meteor attack as well as the new armour sets and some of the weapons we’ll be able to craft from its hide. And of course, for those who are into acquiring the latest in Palico fashion, there will also be a Moogle armour set available.

And if you cannot wait until the 2nd of August don’t worry as Capcom has you covered with the Summer Twilight Fest which is currently live with new gear and layered armor, daily limited bounties, collaboration event quests, Kulve Taroth and the Wyvern Ignition. The Summer Twilight Fest is available until the 26th of July.

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