Massive Enter the Gungeon expansion arrives for free soon

Enter the Gungeon is a wonderful bullet-infused rogue-like with a heart of gold and the gameplay to boot. It has become a hallmark in the often overpopulated genre due to its eclectic ideas and kooky sense of humour, mostly centred around making puns about guns and bullets. It’s also fantastically difficult, taking considerable skill in bullet-hell games to even make it to the final boss. Like many of its contemporaries, the game features many secrets, unlockables, synergies, characters and so on, and while the game’s roster is quite beefy, it was due for a significant update since its 2015 release.

Dodge Roll Games has made it known that they’ve been working on an expansion called Advance Gungeons & Draguns, but the progress of it has been rather slow-going. Hardcore fans of the game have been waiting with bated breath for this expansion and to everyone’s surprise, it’s releasing on July 19th on all its platforms (pending console approvals) and it’s also entirely free:

This expansion is jam-packed with new stuff and it would have been perfectly fine if they charged some money for this, but Dodge Roll games have an outstanding love for their game as well as the community that has supported them. The game is relatively cheap whenever it goes on sale on its various platforms so now might be a good time to dive into the Gungeon.

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