New monetisation mechanic test for PUBG comes to an end, and it seems to have worked

Since the release of the Sanhok map, a 4x4km tropical map inspired by various locations around the Asian coastline with luscious jungle environments, PUBG Corp. introduced a new monetisation mechanic where you’re rewarded for completing certain tasks on various maps. Called the Event Pass, you gain experience points to up your level to get your hands on those cosmetic goodies and also enables username changes. It’s technically free, but you can shell out +-R130.00 for the Premium which offers far more missions for earning XP, and thankfully, it doesn’t offer any sort of weapon acquisition or other perks. If you’re into the cosmetics and want to grab that chicken dinner in style, then this mechanic is for you.

As with most test runs of new mechanics in games (especially where PUBG is concerned), there have been some teething issues. Some missions are bugged, some missions require more than one try after initial completion, and some just seem to be a downright nuisance. Luckily, it’s just a test run. PUBG Corp. will consider all these issues and try to fix them for the next round.

What they are doing in the meantime is rewarding those who participated in the events by giving everyone a relatively large lump sum of XP. PUBG players who log in by 2:00 AM CEST will be gifted 400 XP which is enough to take you to your next level. It’s available for all, not just Premium Pass members. But, it doesn’t end there. From 15 – 21 July, which is the duration of the current Event Pass, you’ll receive a log-in bonus every day which accumulates to 1,800 XP. This is enough to push you up 4 levels just for logging in.

After looking at the XP progressions system, some players found it near impossible to grind your way to the level 30 cap without paying R60 for an instantaneous 5 level jump. Thankfully, PUBG Corp. came to apologise for the miscalculated system and have made up for it with the free log-in bonuses.

Source: PUBG

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