P.T. remake gets canned by Konami, offers the creator an internship

Remember the anomaly that was P.T.? It was a playable teaser for Silent Hills (back when it still existed) that was so good that it might as well have been its own game. Konami did what Konami does best and ruined the dream of Silent Hills and all we had was P.T. to remind us of what might have been. Then they purged it from existence on the Steam store and only people who still have it on their hard drive can play it. This prompted disgruntled fans to try and recreate the experience in full so that we can remember what Konami has taken from us. Then they took that away too, but they did it in a sort of nice way.

Creator of the P.T. remake for PC who goes by the name of Qimsar got a phone call from Konami during the early hours of the morning and he chronicled it all in this post.  Konami informed him that he had to take the remake down because of legal issues and they were allegedly rather affable and regretful of the whole ordeal. Qimsar is only 17 years old which is quite impressive considering the amount of work he put into this project and the people at Konami were so impressed that they offered him an internship at the company.

While it sucks that P.T. seems to be entirely dead with no chance of a recreation, it’s weirdly nice of Konami to reach out like they did. Qimsar spent 180 hours on this project and also stated that it has been relatively stressful on him considering the popularity of the remake. While his project won’t see the light of day, all his work wasn’t for nothing and he might get some real long-term benefits from it. Hopefully, everything works out for him as he clearly has incredible talent.

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