Like trying new decks? Hearthstone has a legendary that gives you access to 18

Hearthstone’s next expansion is all about science and if you read that as “absolutely unsafe, impractical and regretted later”, that is the kind of science that The Boomsday Project seems to be aiming for. For example, how about a card that just hits the random button and cycles through 18 decks?

Whizbang the Wonderful is a 4 mana 4/5 that you won’t ever play. You won’t even design a deck around him – once he is in a deck, he takes over and removes the class and all other cards and calls the deck Whizbang is Wonderful. Then when you hop into a game with this deck you will get one of the most recent 18 deck recipes across the nine classes. While Whizbang will never give you a top tier deck, he will let you try out other archetypes without using all your dust to craft them. If you are new to Hearthstone, Whizbang the Wonderful is a great way to work out what archetype you enjoy playing before heading in that direction. It might also give veterans a way to step out of their comfort zones and try something new for a bit.

This looks like a fun card to run, just like running a Mage deck with Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End and watching everything go to hell in an amazing way.


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