Speedrunner finishes all five Fallout games in record time

Speedrunners are maniacs, I think this much has been established. The time and dedication that these men and women put into the craft of going fast is so incredible that it barely makes sense to any rational human mind. The thing that always gets to me is the persistence of playing the same game over and over to the point where you know it so well that you can finish it blindfolded. How do you not just end up hating a game’s guts after the thousands of hours you’ve put into it looking for wall hacks? Still, these people persist, looking for those precious spared seconds.

The latest feat comes to us from (I know this dude just loves the fact that publications need to write his name) Fallout speedrunner tomatoanus. He finished the entire Fallout anthology which includes Fallout 123New Vegas and in precisely 1:29:47 without loads which is just shy of 90 minutes. In the run, he utilised all the popular glitches that allowed him to zip by all the wonderful narrative and world-building and straight to the credit scene.

This is currently the world record, but the previous world record was held by none other than tomatoanus which suggests that he’s really the only guy who is trying to do this. That’s also confirmed by the Speedrun website. It’s still no small feat and to complete five games in a row in the same time it takes me to get out of the character creator is frightening.

I am way too tall, played way too many games and I love to write about what we love about games. In the end, I'm just being #Thabolicious

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