Realm Royale making its way to consoles

Realm Royale

As if there aren’t enough of them out there already…

This is the fifth battle royale title to come to consoles, with PUBG and Fortnite taking the top two spots and H1Z1 making its debut on the Playstation 4, but Realm Royale brings something different to the genre. It’s a fantasy-themed battle royale experience where you choose a class and loot for weapons and abilities, craft new weapons and armour by disenchanting them to get shards to craft more at forges placed throughout the map. Unlike in PUBG, you can summon a trusty steed and traverse the map on instead of running from the blue.

When downed, instead of going on all fours and crawling to safety, you get turned into a chicken with a timer. You are pretty mobile in this mode and you can puk-puk-pucoooock your way to a self revive and exercise revenge if you haven’t been eliminated. This happens in all modes including solo play.

The game was only available on Steam in Early Access and saw many streamers flocking to it because of its different take on the genre. Hi-Rez Studio’s stab at the genre seemed to pay off and decided the game could perform just as well on consoles. You’re not limited to the traditional weapons you’d find in shooters as you can also use staffs and other mythical weapons. It may sound like a shoehorned mechanic, but it’s very well balanced.

If you’re not into the “realism” of PUBG and can’t get your head around the building mechanics of Fortnite, perhaps this game might get you into the battle royale genre. It’s free-to-play too. You can sign up for the Realm Royale Beta on their website here, but it will only start sometime next week. Get signed up now and get to crafting, casting, and chickening.

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