Arc the Lad R coming to mobile

Originally only released in Japan, the Arc the Lad series was never planned to be released in the west in the 90s due to JRPGs being an unpopular market outside of Japan. However with the success of titles such as Final Fantasy VII the publishers “Working Designs” finally managed to bring all three mainline titles to the west in the form of Arc the Lad Collection in 2002.

ForwardWorks (a Sony subsidiary) recently announced Arc the Lad R coming to mobile for iOS and Android. The game takes place 10 years after the disasters that occurred in Arc the Lad II. After years of peace, evil lurks once again and it’s up to a young man named Haruto to take up the mantle of hero. From the screenshots below we can see that the game takes on its usual tactical RPG battle style and also includes heroes from past titles. Playable characters will also evolve over time and can be equipped with weapons and armour. The game is currently in development, however, make sure to check out our review o Arc the Lad I and be sure to check out the trailer (unfortunately not in English) and screenshots below.

Source: Siliconera

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