A legend returns, along with a double day community event

A legend returns, along with a double day community event this month as Niantic announced last week that trainers will be receiving an “action-packed” August with field research tasks that’ll give players the opportunity to once again capture the legendary beast of lightning, Raikou.

As of yesterday, electric type tasks have been added to the game which if completed for a seven day period, will grant players on the seventh day a Raikou appearance. Pro tip for those who have not been completing their tasks, even if you’ve completed your list of tasks, claiming one a day will leave the rest available for the remaining six days if you cannot complete your task tomorrow, always keep a spare in the chamber.

Niantic also announced some exciting news for this month’s community day or rather days. The August Community Day will feature everyone’s favourite Pikachu rival…Eevee. The event will take place on both Saturday the 11th of August as well as Sunday the 12th of August. The days will include bonuses such as three times the amount of stardust earned as well as three-hour modules and a special community day box will be made available through the in-game shop.

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