Video: Rollcage spiritual successor, Grip, flips your world on 6 November

The original PlayStation hosted many iconic games that all these years later are seeing plenty remakes from various studios, such as the more recent Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and the upcoming Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Next in line is a tribute to Rollcage. Grip is now officially launching on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One on 6 November.

Grip is a full-on combat racing game that’ll feature nine deadly weapons that take place on 22 tracks. In total, you’ll have 15 vehicles to choose from where the unique feature lets you continue driving, no matter if you flip your car. Your wheels are so big that you can drive on just about any terrain and even up walls or a roof. The final version of the game will feature 4-player split-screen and allow up to 10 players to battle it out online – the first time a game of this style is seeing an online component.

Principal Programmer at Caged Element, Rob Baker, sheds some light on what to expect:

The game offers great variety and even the ability for savvy racers to super-charge their arsenal and deliver a race-changing blow. On top of the weapons system, the three vehicle classes have been carefully balanced and we’ve implemented a system we call catch-up assist. This is a configurable race option which goes beyond just rubber-banding the AI. Catch-up assist subtly changes the forces on the vehicles based on position, helping to keep the racing pack tight for maximum carnage. If you’re a fan of the purely balanced experience this can be switched off (and even used to filter for online games), but for us this gets left on for maximum fun.

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