Horizon Zero Dawn gets an official board game

Steamforged Games, the company behind the popular Dark Souls board game, announced at Gen Con 2018 that they have been working on the Official Horizon Zero Dawn board game in collaboration with Sony and Guerrilla Games.

According to IGN the board game is set after the events of the game and will be canon to the world. The objective of the game is to choose a class and go on hunts with your fellow players, competing to get the highest score at the end of a session, which should take between 90 and 120 minutes. Obviously, there are miniatures that go with it, and these include the machines that we saw in the video game.

Steamforged Games intends to start a Kickstarter campaign later this year to gain the necessary funding and also marketing. If their previous work is anything to go by, then we know that the Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game will be of the highest quality, but don’t expect it to be cheap, especially with the sizable playing pieces that you’ll get with it.

More info at Steamforged Games.

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