Video: V-Rally takes to the dirt in Kenya and Malaysia

There was a time that V-Rally was considered the only real competition to the Colin McRae Rally franchise and when V-Rally 2 dropped it reached the peak of the series. It played exceptionally well by sticking to its arcade roots and including one of the best four-player split-screen modes on offer. That is a long time ago and now V-Rally is back in name, but we’re not all that sure it’s back in spirit.

Today Bigben Games released new footage of V-Rally 4 being played in Kenya and Malaysia. The gameplay video is seen from the bonnet cam, which, in my opinion, the best angle to play a racing game from as it always brings a real sense of speed that a camera can’t quite match outside of the car. There is a slight problem though. The game feels very, very slow. We’re assuming the car class isn’t very high, it’s a Skoda being driven, but still, it’s not very fast and the track layout seems a little too easy. Make of the below video what you will, but we do hope there is more speed involved and this new outing does not drag the V-Rally name through the mud.

We could do with a rally game taking on the might of the Dirt series (which is in essence still the Colin McRae series).

V-Rally 4 has a planned release in September (date to be confirmed) for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with a later release for Nintendo Switch.

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