Nintendo Direct to tell us more about… Super Smash Bros, again?

Nintendo’s E3 presentation was… let’s say very monochromatic. Almost the entire show was dedicated to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. For fans of the franchise, this was quite a treat and many are really looking forward to the huge roster that the new Switch game promises. However, for those of us that do not hold Super Smash Bros. in as high regard, the intense focus on the game left the presentation feeling a little one dimensional. The lack of news on other fronts has even had an apparent detrimental effect on Nintendo’s stock price and investors have even become a little wary.

However, what kept many of us hopeful, was the promise of a Nintendo Direct in the not too distant future; A short 20-30 minute prepared show from Nintendo, letting us in on the status of some of their other franchises. On Sunday we got some good/bad news on that front. The good news is a direct is coming on the 8th of August, the bad news is it’s focusing on… Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, again. The news broke on the Nintendo Versus Twitter account late Sunday evening:

This weekend, the EVO SmashBros Melee Grand Finals event was held, and so it makes sense to make the announcement to that captive and perfectly primed audience. And of course, despite the way they packaged it, we’re still not 100% sure if the Direct will focus solely on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. However, I can’t help but ask: Did we really more Super Smash Bros. information after that mammoth E3 focus? Seems like Nintendo is keeping their Yoshi and Metroid cards very close to their chest. And by chest I mean, in the basement, under the carpet, and below six-feet of dirt.

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