PUBG Corp. is on a three month mission to ‘Fix PUBG’

It’s always good to see developers taking players’ feedback seriously, and because PUBG is one the biggest battle royale games out there with a massive following to boot, it has taken them long enough to get to a point where they are fed up of people saying the exact words “Fix PUBG.”

Brendan Greene and his team of developers at PUBG Corp. have taken things seriously, although at first glance it seems as a poke at players’ constant bickering, and established a website going by the exact words that prompted this initiative, Fix PUBG. Ever since the game’s official exit from early access with version 1.0, it always felt unfinished and the constant updates bringing new issues and making older ones resurface. This has made many fans furious and use¬†social media to rant about every issue they encounter. PUBG Corps. response resonates with their current weekly update broadcasts about what they are doing to improve the game. On the Fix PUBG website is a detailed roadmap on what they are planning to fix.

This certainly gives the community an idea of what goes on behind the scenes to ensure that the cogs are turning and which ones need replacing or maintenance. The timeline indicates four main areas of importance looking at “bugs, performance problems, and quality-of-life.” These areas include Client and Server performance, Anti-cheat measures, Matchmaking and of course general bug fixes. Each section so far has a well-documented list of known issues and overall areas where improvement needed. For those with a trained eye will notice that the amount of detail within this project would dictate the dedication to the cause.

Hopefully, all players will get an inkling of just how much work goes into a game and that it’s not just a simple task of just fixing it. Transparency such as this is always welcome from any game we enjoy and maybe PUBG Corp. has set a standard for communicating their plans to serve us, the players, and create a gaming experience well worth our money. With the recent success of the game’s first ever international tournament, PUBG certainly has a bright future in the esports arena and these projects to improve the game paves the road for a long life ahead.

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