Surviving Mars’ Da Vinci update lets you build paradise without worry

Surviving Mars can be rather harsh at times as your colony goes from working happily to everyone dying in a matter of minutes. If you need a break from surviving the uncaring landscape of the red planet, there is a new way to play the game. With the Da Vinci update you can now play Surviving Mars in Creative Mode, taking the death and dying out of your game if you want.

There are eight new options at the game start that will help ease you into a more relaxing playthrough, or get a new player to grips with the game. Buildings that never malfunction, clear and fast research, expedited shipping, faster scanning, free construction, sturdy colonists, more starting applicants or an extra $100,000M cash can all be enabled if you want Mars to become your little slice of heaven.

My first game of Surviving Mars went off without a hitch thanks to me playing it real safe and getting a few handy tips from my wife, who had several colonies turn bad within minutes. It was only on my third colony where this became my fate as it got so cold that I couldn’t produce oxygen for my inhabitants and they all died terribly. Freezing in the cold and gasping for oxygen must be a terrible way to go. Sorry inhabitants.

Speaking of death and failure, the next major update will please those who like to kill colonists be challenged, adding 24 new challenges and a scoring system. Because you want to show you didn’t just survive, you thrived.

The Da Vinci update is free and the full patch notes can be found over here.

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