Nintendo Smash Direct reveals treasure trove of music

Despite your midweek public holiday yesterday, odds are you still heard something about the Nintendo Direct that happened late on Wednesday afternoon. For those of you that decided to attempt a ‘disconnected’ day though – it was another Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct. Now, some of you may have read my article earlier in the week, and noted that I was less than excited about the prospect of more Smash Bros, specifically because Nintendo had said so little about some of their other franchises. This only got worse once the Direct started, and Luigi was killed off within minutes.

The truth is, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is not directed at me. I’m just not a fighting game fan. However, there was one section that definitely perked my interest. No, it was not the announcement of the Limited Edition Super Smash Bros. Ultimate box which includes a copy of the game as well as a Nintendo GameCube Controller Super Smash Bros. edition.

It was also not the revelation of one of Donkey Kong’s biggest foes, King K. Rool, as a playable character.

It was not even apparent ‘secret’ background chair configuration hinting at the possible inclusion of Waluigi in the future (as detailed in this Polygon article Allegra Frank).

Nope, the section that actually got me excited had to do with the music that will be included in the forthcoming Smash Bros. entry. According to the Direct, over 800 music tracks (around 900 if you add in menu music and the like) will be included in the game. These tracks will be organised according to franchises/game series and players will be able to set up favourite playlists, and even use their Switch as a giant Nintendo ‘iPod’. While the latter option seems clunky as all heck, the Direct explained that over 28 hours of music will be contained and with classic tunes from Super Mario Bros, Zelda and even Ice Climbers included, this is one addition I’m all for. A classic Nintendo music collection? Now, that’s something worth fighting for.

Oh, and in case you were concerned, Nintendo has since confirmed that Luigi is actually doing okay after all. Phew…

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