Nintendo Switch Online arrives in the ‘second half’ of September

Nintendo’s online service has become somewhat of an elephant in the room. Everyone knows it’s coming, but we all know so little about it at this stage. In typical Nintendo (and Japanese) fashion, they have kept everything very low key and will likely drop a bomb with a special Nintendo Direct a day or two before the service officially launches.

What we do know now is that the service will be heading to you in the second half of September. As noted before, it’ll come with additional features. Players will finally be able to upload their save data to the cloud. Being Nintendo nothing is ever straight-forward as this will only apply to ‘compatible games’ (I can’t facepalm hard enough). The silver lining is access to NES games that will feature online play for co-op games for the first time ever, so that’s something cool indeed.

Get your gaming in while you can. You have about five weeks left.

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