Red Dead Redemption 2 finally gets an official gameplay video

Probably one of the most eagerly anticipated games of the year, Red Dead Redemption 2 finally got an official gameplay video late yesterday afternoon. Before we go into any details on what to expect, why not have a look at the video first. Trust me, its worth it:

Red Dead Redemption 2 promises to not only be a massive open world but also to give you a lot to do in it. The world will have various types of terrain, ranging from mountain trails to lush forests, to swamp lands to sweeping deserts and more. The landscapes look gorgeous and exploring it should be a real treat.

An interesting dynamic for the game is the focus on the relationships the main protagonist, Arthur Morgan, has with his gang and also the way they move across the wild American frontier. The gang is on the run, with them being a bunch of outlaws, and are forced to flee to new areas. Each time this happens, they set up a new camp where certain activities are available. You will be able to do side activities for the camp like hunting, which in turn will be assisting in keeping everyone in the camp happy. You’ll also be able to do more than just shoot everything, being able to talk yourself in or out of trouble, intimidate people into silence and simple acknowledge other people out on the road. Arthur might be an outlaw, but you do have a chance to decide just how honourable he really is.

The trailer doesn’t go too much into combat and gunplay, but it does mention that it was completely overhauled and built from the ground up. Each gun has unique characteristics, and has realistic reload and recoil, that helps gunplay feel “grounded and realistic”. Something that the original Read Dead Redemption did very well was the mechanics of horses, and it seems it will be no difference here. In RDR 2, you’ll have to look after your horse and build up a relationship with the animal, which will help make some combat situation easier.

The trailer looks fantastic, and I really can’t wait for this game. It looks like Rockstar, true to their nature, thought of absolutely everything, and getting lost in this world for hundreds of hours will be really easy.

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