Bandai Namco is teasing a new horror game with footage of a house

It’s strange what we perceive as terrifying. In the old ages, it was pretty easy to freak people out.  A zombie here, some kind of monster there and you’re pretty much golden. However, we’ve grown so acclimatised to these spooky boogeymen that it takes a special kind of messed up to get into our heads. It’s not enough for something to go BOO anymore, it now has to disturb us. These displays of horror come from the most unexpected places and this was proven to me by an innocuous teaser designed by Bandai Namco for what is looking like a horror game.

The game in question looks like it’s called Domas and it seems Japanese in nature. All that we have to go off of is this website. It’s a “stream” of a photorealistic looking house with an ominous sky and some swaying leaves. In most other contexts, this would just be a regular house, but there’s something extremely off about this particular abode. P.T. has shown us that even the most mundane things can be horrifying and I don’t know about you, but this simple looped frame gives me great anxiety. I keep thinking something is going to creepily stand in the window and stare into my very soul.

There’s also a date in there for the 30th of August which will presumably be the date that something will be revealed. If you do a normal Google translate on the page name it reads “summer horror project” and that can mean all manner of things. There’s no other information or teasers out there, but there might be a chance that this will be a Japanese-only thing. Regardless, I’m ready to get terrified, I’m in it for the ride at this point.

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