Get ready for Call of Duty’s battle royale beta on 10 September

This year it feels like Call of Duty will return to its best form since the release of Black Ops 3. If the recent beta is anything to go by there is something special waiting for fans of more modern warfare. We all know that the biggest addition to the series this year is its battle royale mode and come 10 September you’ll finally get your first taste of what they are dubbing Blackout.

The mode will allow you to go at it in a solo capacity, or a duo with a friend and, even better, quads. At this time there is little else we know. Treyarch is yet to confirm the total number of players who will be taking part in any one match, but we expect it to be quite high. What we do know, thanks to a trailer that recently released, is that you will be dealing with lots of choppers shooting at you and exploding choppers. Lots of explosions.

Be aware – do not delete your current beta files on your console/PC as most of the content will just be updated for this next beta.

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