Get more Spyro the Dragon in your life with the new range of official merchandise

If you’re like me, and you maybe peed a little out of excitement when they announced the remaster of Spyro the Dragon, then you’ve probably been itching to get your hands on anything Spyro related. And while they announced this exclusive and oh-so-beautiful statue of our best boi, it’s a little bit out of my price range… by about $325. Luckily, Activision saw our hearts break at that price and decided to team up with Numskull Designs to give us more affordable Spyro goodness in our lives.

In this new line of merch there’s a shirt, a beanie, a wallet, some caps, pins, a journal, coin purses, a watch and of course key rings. You can’t call it a merchandise line without those super important key rings! But of course, there are some extra special pieces in there to get everyone excited. The one thing that particularly grabbed many people’s attention is the Spyro incense burner.

This little guy measures just under 11″ and is made of PVC, so if it falls off of your zen room’s coffee table it won’t be shattering into a million tiny pieces. Although a ceramic version might give it a beautiful statuesque finish.¬†While I find this kind of cool, and wholly whimsical, it’s not my favourite piece of the lot. I’d much rather dump my money into getting a couple of the shirt, a pin box, a cup or two (for just in case), and one of their super stylish watches!

Hopefully, as we see more of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy we will get even more themed merchandise. I’d love a Moneybags themed item, or maybe a (and this is in no way for narcissistic reasons) Bianca statue. And then there are all the other elder dragons! They have so much to expand on, I’m hoping they don’t let it end here.

Head over to the Geek Store page to pre-order your slice of nostalgia, or simply wait until 21 September when the game is finally released. If you’re not in the mood to click that link, it’s cool I have you covered with this gallery of the items available. Enjoy!

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