The Resident Evil 2 CE is coming to South Africa and will set you back R3,999

Capcom was apparently a little worried ahead of the Resident Evil 2 remake reveal at E3 this year, but their fears were soon squashed by an onslaught of very excited gamers. Resident Evil 2 is up there with the Final Fantasy VII Remake dreams of the world, it’s just that you’ll be playing it as soon as 25 January 2019 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Those who are playing it on the PS4 or Xbox One might be thinking about grabbing the collector’s edition. It’s coming to South Africa, but it’s not going to be cheap.

Expect to pay around R3,999 for the CE once made available for pre-order on our shores. Here is what is included in the collection:

  • Steelbook Edition (Includes Resident Evil 2 full game)
  • 12” Leon Kennedy Figurine
  • Limited Edition R.P.D. Keys
  • Collector’s Item Box
  • Artbook & Soundtrack CD
  • ‘Made in Heaven’ Pin Badge
  • Poster
  • Deluxe DLC Pack Card:
    • ‘Original Version’ Soundtrack
    • Leon Kennedy Costumes: Arklay Sheriff and Noir
    • Claire Redfield Costumes: Military, Noir and Elza Walker
    • Deluxe Weapon: Samurai Edge – Albert Model

That 12″ figurine would be something worthy of owning, but when you have a decision of rather owning this or another console it’s a tough choice to make. Either way, we think the hardcore Resident Evil 2 fans will be fighting to get their hands on this first.

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