Splatoon 2 cheaters are finally being inked

Splatoon 2 has become a wildly successful online game for Nintendo, particularly in Japan and America. This popularity, however, has come at a cost. Recently, there has been more and more news regarding hackers infiltrating the game. Both Kotaku and Polygon wrote about hacking last month when an apparent fan, in an act of seeming desperation, himself hacked the Nintendo Splatoon 2 leaderboards and posted this onto the first 4 spots:

This was just the tip of a rather large iceberg. The online competitive community has been up in arms for some time (just look through YouTube or Reddit for some examples of the hacks) because hackers seem to be able to modify settings (increasing weapon accuracy, range and effects) as well as even using as yet unreleased weapons and characters. This would obviously be very detrimental to online gaming and it seems Nintendo may be finally doing something about it.

Ryan Craddock, writing for Nintendo Life, states:

Reports from dataminers suggest that Nintendo started to introduce integrity checks in the game from version 3.1.0 – an update released back in June. Of course, users haven’t necessarily received bans during this time, but the general consensus notes that the system is likely being refined behind the scenes before going live.

Nintendo News quotes ‘Oatmeal Dome, via Khangaroo from the Splatoon Modding Hub‘, and explains that the current checks installed by Nintendo would essentially spot any players hacking or using mods, mark them, and then ban them the next day. A little like stealing a money bag and having a dye pack explode and stain the assailant making them easy to spot, Nintendo is using background tech to ink cheaters. And in my book that can only be a good thing.

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