Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night delayed to 2019, with no Vita version

It’s been a long wait for Castlevania fans to get their hands on a 2D experience of a similar type of game. Konami has been sitting on the series since the departure of series creator,聽Koji Igarashi. Lords of Shadow was a great take on the iconic franchise in a three-dimensional setting (we’ll imagine the sequel doesn’t exist), but the 2D experience is where it’s at. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is going to be the game that scratches that itch, but unfortunately it’s now been delayed into 2019.

The recent release of Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon provided Kickstarter backers and other players with a glimpse of just how good the main experience is going to be as the retro take on the formula was exactly what fans were hoping for. Tight controls in a gothic setting are the perfect combination and it’s got Iga’s name all over it. Ritual of the Night聽needs more time and that’s why it’s been dropped from releasing this year. We don’t mind him taking his time, but there is some really bad news – the Vita version of the game is no more. There are many reasons for it, but according to him, the biggest culprit is Sony. They plan to discontinue many online services for the Vita, which will ultimately affect the game on that format from a digital perspective.

Here are his reasons for the delay and dropping the Vita version in his own words:

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