Overwatch’s new animated short teaches us more about D.Va’s sense of duty

D.Va may be the pilot of a scary MEKA, but we often just see her playful side. She takes selfies as her robot explodes in the background, chewing gum and scarfing Doritos and Dew. But beneath the playfulness of this esports star, D.Va has a strong sense of duty. In the latest Overwatch animated short, Blizzard shows us more about D.Va and life defending Busan.

When not broadcasting her exploits, we get to meet the person behind the web persona. D.Va is repairing her MEKA after a scrap with Omnic Kaiju forces and her friend is insistent that the next attack will not be for a long time. The last battle was hard won, with most of her squad out of the fight thanks to damage done to their mechs. Then a blip appears on the map. The omnics are attacking and D.Va goes out alone to face the threat and defend her city.

Seeing how dedicated D.Va is to her craft and her duty really adds another dimension to the playful esports heroine that cares about her APM and being the star of the show. The area of the cinematic, Busan, has a map on the PTR, a control map that shows off the culture of Korea with the neo-futuristic twist of Overwatch.

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