Publishers of new Leisure Suit Larry game launch #ShowUsYourLarry competition

Raise your hand if you sneakily played Leisure Suit Larry while your parents weren’t looking, and changed applications when they walked by. No-one? Haha yeah, me neither. Anyway! If you didn’t know that there’s a new game coming to the Leisure Suit Larry series, then you know now! It was announced back in May, and in a very fitting fashion it’s called Wet Dreams Don’t Dry.

From what can be seen from its Steam page, the game looks interesting enough to attract attention, but I wonder how it will compare to its ancestors. If the later games of Simon the Sorcerer are anything to go by, this could be a bumpy ride (no pun intended). But so far my hopes are up, and I’m looking forward to seeing actual gameplay footage someday soon.

To celebrate the game’s nearing release, Assemble Entertainment has put together a little contest where 10 winners will receive a free copy of Wet Dreams Never Dry, and a grand prize winner will receive an additional $999! An odd amount, I know, but who am I to judge?

The rules of the contest are as follows:

Anyone who posts a photo of themselves as Leisure Suit Larry on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter can participate – the only important thing is that the hashtag #ShowUsYourLarry is used! It doesn’t matter whether you really threw yourself into a white suit for the photo or whether the result was the result of image editing! Almost everything is permitted – the only important thing is that the conditions of participation must be fulfilled.

Those conditions would be that  A. you are 18 years or older, B. your face is clearly recognizable, C. you are wearing white suit (real or Photoshop’d), and D. you have to use the hashtag when posting. That’s it! But you need to act fast! Entries have to be in by 1 minute to midnight on August 31st, or they won’t count. the winner will be announced the week thereafter.

So good luck to those who are daring to take on this challenge. Who knows, maybe I’ll enter myself. But for those of you only interested in the game, Wet Dreams Don’t Dry will be releasing on Steam (and other digital platforms) on the 7th of November! It’s available now for pre-purchasing for only R150 on Steam.

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