Trials Rising backflips its way to you on 12 February

At E3 this year Trials Rising made its first showing at the Ubisoft conference thanks to its lead developer quite literally crashing face-first into a stand on-stage. The short moment embraced everything this series is about – being a goof and having the most fun while doing it. The new entry into the series comes with a brand new feature that borrows from Trackmania – Tandem.

We had some hands-on time with the mode while at E3 and walked away with lots of laughs and one big smile wrapped around our faces. Having two people control the same bike is not an easy task and now we know that you’ll be able to experience it with a friend as soon as 12 February 2019. There’s also a new mode that has up to eight riders battling it out to the finish line in a race at the same time, instead of only seeing ghosts of friends challenging your times. A closed beta will be made available for download on 13-16 September, which you can register for by heading here.

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