It’s Tomb Raider, but with Lara as a doggo!

Yesterday was National Dog Day in the United States, and to celebrate this, the people behind Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s marketing campaign decided to release another trailer for the game, but this time, it’s a live action trailer. And it’s with cats and dogs:

Square Enix and Eidos Montreal have been relentless with their marketing for Shadow of theTomb Raider in recent weeks, almost to a point that it is becoming too much. One almost gets a sense that they want to keep reminding us that the game is coming out in a little over two weeks from now. Especially if you consider the tough competition that they’re facing.

It’s pretty cute, and with all that’s happening in the world of gaming at the moment, maybe we need a little bit of cheering up and silliness in our lives. I also have no issue whatsoever with celebrating man’s best friend.

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