Ashen gets new gameplay footage and interesting multiplayer mechanic

Ashen, the action role-playing game exclusive to Microsoft was announced a few years ago featuring a unique art style and subsequently went dark for a while with many expecting it to have met the same fate as Scalebound. This was not the case though as new gameplay footage surfaced at Gamescom with fresh new visuals and an interesting take on action-RPG multiplayer interaction. Aurora44 and Annapurna Interactive introduced a unique “passive” multiplayer where you can bump into another player, but they’ll appear to you as a relevant NPC.

We really want players to focus on the personalities and stories of these quest givers. When there’s no multiplayer connection to be found, an AI actually takes over these quest givers and the experience stays the same.

It’s been a year since we saw anything related to Ashen, and in the new video footage, it’s clear that the studio has made strides with development with the game seemingly running smoother and the animations are more fluid. The game will also run at native 4K resolution on the Xbox One X and this could have been their focus since the console’s launch which could be one of the reasons why we haven’t heard about the game in a while. Ashen is slated to release sometime this year.

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