It looks like the PS4’s terrible search bar will be changed

The PS4’s firmware is nowhere near perfect, even after being around for close to five years. We’ve seen some significant improvements to the UI and the addition of some long-awaited features with periodic firmware updates, but there are still some glaring flaws in the system. One such issue is the extremely strange search bar that you had to use in the store whenever you wanted to look up something you wanted to buy. It’s this scrolling mess that makes no sense, but it seems we’ll be going to a more traditional system soon, possibly with the 6.00 firmware update.

ResetEra user Kyoufu is part of the PS4 6.0 firmware beta and spotted the changed search bar when they updated to the new version. This is what the new search functionality looks like:

As you can see, much cleaner and more sensible. Away is the strange column search and in its place is a more traditional keyboard-based search that offers much the same results as the previous search functionality did, but much easier to use. It’s admittedly a small change, but it has been an eyesore on the PS4 since its release. Beta users on the forum also report that the functionality is snappy and works like a charm which is good news for everyone.

Small improvements like this go a long way. You don’t value search functionality until you have that one thing you need to look up and find yourself wrestling with the alphabet in a system designed by someone that probably isn’t human. There’s no word on when the PS4’s 6.00 update will be out, but we’ll let you know when we know.

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